Meet the Team

Rick Jennett  - President

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Decades of printing industry experience, beginning with his teenage years in his father’s shop as a “printer’s devil,” have equipped Rick with a vast store of knowledge and know-how, all of which contribute to his ability to serve your needs.

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After having worked as a pressman, production supervisor and job estimator, Rick stepped out of the pressroom and into the role of print sales, eventually coming to the realization that his real strength lay in problem solving for his clients.

This led him to found RPJ Associates in 1991 with the understanding that he and his colleagues would dedicate themselves to providing the highest level of service and quality to clients. Now in its 20th year, RPJ is honored to count many of Greater Boston’s most outstanding companies and institutions among its customers.

Rick’s unique ability to problem-solve by matching your total needs for printing and promotional items with outstanding resources ensures your entire satisfaction, no matter how complex or demanding the job. Working with the RPJ team of dedicated professionals he is able to save you time and money by optimizing the mix of printers, finishers and promotional item suppliers required to complete your project.

RPJ’s extensive inventory of printing papers and proprietary preflighting system (to ensure designers’ files run smoothly in the critical “make-ready” process prior to production), are just two of the ways Rick has built speed and quality into the work RPJ does on your behalf.

Rick’s energy and exceptional “can do” philosophy are highlighted by his community service in the town of Natick where he and his lovely family make their home. Always active in civic affairs, Rick has long served as a member (and chair) of Natick’s Finance Committee, an advisory body tasked with carefully vetting the town’s $100 million+ annual budget on behalf of the board of selectmen and town meeting.

In this demanding role Rick has shown his formidable business and planning skills when placed in the service of his community can serve the greater good in numerous ways. His dedicated work ethic and vast experience ensure the outcome of his efforts is always of the highest quality, in whatever role he plays.

Suzanne Cyr  - Client Services

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Suzanne is the “new kid” on the block at RPJ and she has brought over twenty years of printing industry experience with her. She has been involved with all aspects of customer service, project estimating and sales, as well as desktop skills in many design programs. Suzanne has also grown into a solid Promotional Premium Specialist, specializing in Corporate Promotions and Wearables.

Judy Callahan  - Client Services

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Judy has been with RPJ for over twelve years and she has been in the printing and mailing industry for over twenty six years. During that time she has held Customer Service, Outside Sales and Account Management positions while managing many different types of projects. Judy brings many different skill sets to RPJ, including her detailed attention to project specifications and she excels at problem solving during our client’s projects.  Judy’s strengths are especially helpful during Direct Mail, CD/DVD Media, and Fulfillment projects.

Joann DiFolco-Mabie  - Project Estimator

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Joann has been with RPJ for over eighteen years and she has been in the printing and mailing industry for over thirty two years. Joann has grown up in the industry, starting in the “old-school” prepress area which included darkroom, stripping and plate making responsibilities when thing were done by hand.

She also had many years in the offset print production areas before moving into customer service and estimating. Joann has the responsibilities of managing our estimating processes, which includes the planning of our projects production requirements and the subsequent vendor selections.

Trisha Brown  - Vendor Services

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Trisha has been with RPJ for almost fourteen years and she has been in the printing and mailing industry for over thirty five years. Trisha literally grew up in the printing industry, working in her Dad’s print shop for many years.

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She has also had many years in the printing industry working for paper distributors and offset printing plants. Over the years she has become our print production coordinator, she manages all of our detailed production paperwork. Trisha has the knack of catching and correcting many of the small details as they cross her desk, which in turn is a great service to not only RPJ, but to our clients as well.

Barbara Orsini  - Production Manager

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Barbara has become the “central nervous system” of RPJ. She handles the responsibility of managing all of the production details for our client’s projects with the greatest of ease. Barbara is the queen of multi-tasking and makes a very complex job look so very simple!

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Barbara has been with RPJ for over nine years and she has been in the printing and mailing industry for over twenty six years. During that time she has been a print buyer and print production manager with a major tradeshow company, as well as being responsible for customer service and production planning with a commercial offset printer.

Pat Bianchi  - Pre-Press & Creative Services

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Pat joined the RPJ Team over five years ago to manage our pre-press responsibilities. With over 40 years in our industry she now manages the preflight processing of our client’s project files, helping to expedite the many different production requirements. Pat also provides creative talents for layout and design, to help our clients put forward their fresh ideas. Pat also manages our FTP site and any of our file transfer issues as well.

Wendy Tennessen  - Receptionist - Office Manager

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Wendy is typically the smiling voice that answers your call at RPJ. We have always believed that there should be a real live person answering our phones rather than a robot!! Wendy has been with RPJ for more than six years keeping our offices running efficiently and as our first point of contact she works diligently to help resolve our client and vendor questions in a very pleasant and efficient manner. Wendy is also our “Green Thumb” of the office – taking good care of all of our many plants.

Paula Gately  - Accounting & Inventory Manager

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Paula has been with RPJ for over 13 years and during her tenure she has not only managed all of RPJ’s accounting processes, but she has also assisted in the development of RPJ’s Fulfillment and Inventory management operations. Paula’s endless energy helps the RPJ team maintain their “can do” attitude, that serves our clients so well, especially with many of our fulfillment projects.

Al Dikmak  - Sales

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Al joined the RPJ team in 2001 and since then he has been the strong quiet personality that brings a steadying support to not only his clients, but to the RPJ team as well. When he is not out on the golf course, you will likely find him helping many of his clients organize their printing and promotional specialty projects.

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Al has been in involved in the Graphic Arts industry as an outside sales and service person for over fifteen years and has accomplished the production of many different types of client’s projects over the years. Give him a call and see if he can make your life easier as well!

Paul St. Martin  - Sales

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Paul has been involved in the Print and Graphic Arts industries since 1986 as an outside sales and service person and continues to provide those services to RPJ clients. Paul has a strong working knowledge of print production and project planning which best helps his clients to organize their print and promotional project needs. Give him a call and see if he can help you with your upcoming project !